When O’Connor Warren director Eamon O’Connor branched away from the corporate world to establish his own specialist transport and trucking insurance brokerage more than two years ago, he says he didn’t appreciate the significant interest this move would generate.

O’Connor is also a former board member of the New Zealand Trucking Association and general adviser to many industry bodies and groups around matters of insurance and risk. He has garnered a respected track record across New Zealand transport risk management, with his knowledge through the industry’s insurance, risk and legislation
issues. His expertise and passion for getting results for clients has been recognised and reflects in the exponential
growth they have enjoyed since O’Connor Warrens doors were opened in January 2013.

Eamon O’Connor explains, “We have found that our specialist knowledge, expertise and proactivity is proving to be the difference. We are attracting a broad range of operators – big and small. It’s our reputation for providing market leading advice, solutions and service that is at the forefront of our success.”

O’Connor says the key has been its ability to offer the client genuine and knowledgeable advice on business issues, as well as effectively structuring their insurances so that it has an impact on the efficiency and profitability of their business.

“We have achieved all of the objectives we set out to do more than two years ago, and I’d like to point out that this is a long-term proposition, we intend to be here well into the future.

“There are very few Kiwiowned insurance broking houses left operating in New Zealand. We continue to see the retirement of older broking directors and the subsequent sale and acquisition of their businesses into the international insurance broking models. There is no doubt that this trend leaves us as an attractive proposition for the insurance buyer.”

The Tauranga domiciled operation now has seven operating staff and effective from April 15 launches its Life
& Health division. “Adding Life & Health to our portfolio of insurance and risk services for transport and other select sector clients gives us a true end-to-end brokerage service,” he says.

“Significant demand has come in recent times, particularly from our larger clients looking for genuine employee benefits (life and medical packages) to offer their staff. It ties in nicely with our existing business insurance offering.” says O’Connor.

O’Connor Warren has appointed two specialists to look after its life and health division, which is headed by Darren
Cornforth who has more than 30 years experience.

“Too often owners of SME businesses have motor vehicle cover, public liability and business protection insurance but they themselves are not protected should something happen to them,” says Cornforth.

“We will pick the company that’s right for you, we will recommend a policy that is in the top four available on the market, we keep an eye on your insurances so your cover is always up to date, and if you already have cover, we are happy to provide a free assessment to make sure its adequate and properly structured to meet your needs,” he says.


Eamon O’Connor is a director of O’Connor Warren Insurance Brokers, which specialises in transport and logistics insurance. He will be sharing his expertise on risk management and insurance matters in DIESELtalk. He can be contacted at: [email protected]