Pom and Maude’s story

When the Edwards family were given the opportunity to operate their own food distribution business, they were excited at the prospects ahead.

It meant relocating to another city, but offered a new livelihood and something they could both be involved in.

The business thrived and life was good. And they still had plenty of time to enjoy their precious grandchildren and wider family, while knowing they were setting themselves up for retirement.

But it was an early October morning when Mrs Edwards received the call that would bring a dramatic change in their lives. Her husband had been involved in a freak accident while out on a delivery. With little information, she went straight to hospital, fearing the worst.

Mr Edwards was in a serious condition. With extensive injuries, the road ahead was unknown.

The family were faced with a lot to deal with emotionally and financially. Mr Edwards was unable to work and there were business expenses to meet.
Fortunately when the business was purchased, the couple had taken advice from their adviser Darren Cornforth and added business expenses cover to their insurance policy.

“At that stage they had insurance in place for physical business assets, like the trucks and other assets. I said that was great in case something happened to the trucks, but what about if something happened to them,” says Mr Cornforth from Tauranga based insurance specialists O’Connor Warren.

“Our underpinning philosophy is that businesses need to consider not only protecting their physical assets, like trucks and machinery, but also human capital. Typically we think about protecting our assets from loss or damage. But too often business owners don’t consider the impact on the business if an accident or injury suddenly means they’re unable to work.”

The Edwards heeded the advice and little did they know that decision would save their financial future.

“With everything going on, I didn’t think about the insurance straight away. But when I realised what it meant, it completely saved us,” says Mrs Edwards.

“There’s no doubt that without it, our business would have suffered.”

The insurance cover meant they could afford to employ someone to step in and take over the operational side of the business – and ultimately keep it going.

“The business has continued seamlessly. Our operations manager has done a great job of keeping the business running.”

The physical impact of the accident still affects daily life but the focus remains on rehabilitation and an ongoing programme of physio and other specialist support.

“We’re taking it day by day. But thanks to the insurance, we know the business is running well and we can focus on recovery, rather than how to pay the bills.”

*This is a real life claim but names and personal information have been changed to protect privacy.