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Specialist transport and trucking insurance brokerage O’Connor Warren has celebrated the grand opening of its new office.

The team of ten has moved right into the heart of the Tauranga CBD and is now located at 124 Willow Street.

The November 13 event was a thank you to loyal business partners and clients and included MC Frank Vosper plus guest speaker and celebrated rugby coach Sir Gordon Tietjens with a friendly Q and A session around team culture.

Tietjens  spoke about developing individuals and how to make a productive and happy team environment.


MC, Frank Vosper chewing the fat with Sir Gordon Tietjens on team engagement and core leadership qualities.


Sir Gordon Tietjens’ words from the night

Working as a team is what makes the “boat move”… So here are some key words that each leader should use with their team:

Six most important words: “I admit I made a mistake” ……………. display humility. We are all human.

Five most important words: “You did a great job” ……………. show empathy.

Four most important words: “What is your opinion?” ……………. coach them and know what is important to the team.

Three most important words: “Could you please?” ……………. show courtesy to the team; their time is as important as your own.

Two most important words: “Thank you” ……………. that’s just manners.

Single most important word is “We”.

Least most important word is “I”.

“The boat won’t go, if we all don’t row!”

The great traffic lights analogy:

Look for the “green light” attributes when recruiting.
Evaluate yourself – are you a Green, Yellow or Red?